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Nazionale Palace Suites

Nazionale Palace Suites is located in Via Nazionale, in the middle of the historic center of Rome. From here you can leave for many famous streets, characterized by all the typical brio of the capital.
Via Nazionale, in fact, is the perfect crossroads for those who want to enjoy a Roman holiday under the banner of the most varied activities. Its proximity to the main connection lines of the capital makes the position of our facilities ideal for reaching all the key points of the city. Starting from the nearby Piazza Della Repubblica and along Via Nazionale in all its length you can get to Largo Magnanapoli and from here continue on foot on Via IV Novembre, to discover at its end the spectacular Piazza Venezia. Along Via Nazionale, you will be attracted by the black basalt brick that recalls the ancient imperial roads and is due to the work of reconstruction of the Vicus Longus wanted by Pius IX to reunite the Quirinale and the Viminale. Even today the charm of this district is evidenced by its position, strategically in the middle between the Termini station and the Tiber: on one side, in fact, you will have the opportunity to reach the heart of Rome, the area of ​​the Tiber and the main monuments, such as Colosseum and Roman Forums; on the other hand, you can take advantage of the centrality of our structure to get lost in the charm of the ancient village of the Rione

Also known as the Piemontese district, the inhabited area along via Nazionale is characterized by splendid nineteenth-century buildings, with evocative streets of the newly reached National Unit, such as via Firenze, via Torino and via Napoli, which are the main ridges that start from via Nazionale. Even if you want to stay in the area, in fact, you can admire many architectural elements of the Risorgimento, such as San Paolo inside the Walls, Palazzo delle Esposizioni (which hosts almost every day cultural events of the Capitoline scene), Palazzo Koch of the Bank of Italy), the Teatro Eliseo (one of the most important in the capital), as well as the National Gallery, home to many masterpieces of Italian Renaissance and modern painting and many examples of French art of the eighteenth century. In addition, the walk along Via Nazionale is also ideal for shopping lovers, since this artery houses hundreds of boutiques, single-brand shops and emporiums of the most famous stylistic houses, as well as many other commercial names, shops, clubs and panoramic points that make the area a center of interest for all tastes.
Attended especially during the day, since it is one of the central streets for the movement of Roman citizens, in the evening the area becomes very quiet, although guests a lively nightlife, thanks to the many restaurants and places that are found there. Unlike other areas of the center, such as Castro Pretorio, moreover, the district remains particularly silent and is far from any disturbing element.

6 Places to visit according to the staff

Isola Tiberina
In the middle of the Tiber River, connected to the mainland by two bridges, between Trastevere on one side and the Jewish ghetto on the other, stands the Tiberina island. Between history and legend, this curious island in the shape of a ship always has a fascination for those who are near it that it can not do nothing but venture out to discover this little gem.

Alleys of trastevere
If you want to enjoy a pleasant walk away from the crowd, perhaps sipping a beer, or enjoying a good ice cream, Trastevere is the ideal neighborhood. With its delightful alleys, full of cafes and typical restaurants, it is the perfect area to immerse yourself in the Roman atmosphere and be enchanted by it. And when you're hungry, do not worry... You're in the right place!

Giardino degli aranci
If you want to spend a day immersed in the green but also in the culture you can walk in the evocative setting of the Aventine district. Here you will find a small paradise in the heart of Rome, located on the Aventine hill just a few steps from the Circus Maximus. From here it is possible to enjoy a marvelous view of Rome that extends from the bend of the Tiber, to the Temples of the Forum Boario up to the Gianicolo and to the imposing dome of San Pietro. Few meters more; ahead, at Piazza Cavalieri di Malta there is the Villa of the Priory of Malta. When the door of the villa is closed, look through the keyhole, and you will not regret it. You can admire a beautiful view of the Dome of St. Peter.

Porta Portese Market
As in the song by Claudio Baglioni, on Sunday morning the market wakes up where you can find hidden treasures. A few minutes from Viale Trastevere, it is the ideal place for those who love to look for business and special objects, or for those who simply want to spend a Sunday morning in a lively and picturesque atmosphere.

Pincio Terrace
If you are in Rome you can not miss one of the most suggestive places in the city. Cross Piazza del Popolo and go up the stairs leading to Villa Borghese. At the top you will find the Terrazza del Pincio, from which you can admire the Roman roofs and the imposing dome of San Pietro. At sunset, be amazed by a magical and romantic atmosphere and the view of Rome illuminated.

Mouth of Truth
For those who are preparing to visit Rome for the first time, some stops are mandatory. One of these is La Bocca della Verità located at the entrance of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, linked to legends and symbols that represent one of the destinations not to be missed when you are in the eternal city.

Routes for a walk

Aperitif in Monti District
6.00pm - 9.00pm. Aperitif in the Monti district, before which you can take a walk. From there you can take a taxi to the Giardino degli Aranci where you can admire the sunset. Immediately after, when the sun goes down, you can already walk up the hill, cross the Circus Maximus, continue towards the Colosseum and finish at the Campidoglio.

Lunch at La Matricianella
13: 00-17: 00 hs. We recommend lunch at La Matricianella in Via Leone 3, if you fancy typical Roman cuisine. After lunch, you can go to Via Condotti and discover the most luxurious shops in Rome. It may be interesting to stop at the Caffè Greco. It is a bit 'tourist, but worth visiting. From there you can then reach Piazza di Spagna and then continue up the stairs to the park of Villa Borghese and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Walk to Trastevere
If you are visiting the Vatican and you are not excessively tired after visiting St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums, we suggest you to walk up to Trastevere. Just follow the course of the river, and in less than no time, you will have arrived. We suggest to have dinner at the enoteca Ferrara or at the Taverna Trilussa.

The Vatican at night
The Vatican, in the evening, is breathtaking, especially Piazza San Pietro. You can reach it after having dinner at the Osteria dell'Angelo, in Via Giovanni Bettolo, 24-32. One of the best places to taste Roman cuisine, no menu, the owner will recommend the house specialties. If you find yourself visiting the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Square during the day, you can not stop at Castel Sant'Angelo, reachable in a few minutes along Via della Conciliazione.

The winning itinerary
If you are in Rome, you can not miss one of the city's most scenic sights. Cross Piazza del Popolo and go up the stairs leading to Villa Borghese. At the top you will find the Terrazza del Pincio, from which you can admire the Roman roofs and the imposing dome of San Pietro. At sunset, be amazed by a magical and romantic atmosphere and the view of Rome illuminated.

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